Video Acquisition Module

Visia is the Daisy module dedicated to video acquisition, in other words the software interface for all our imaging devices. It allows you to capture clips with audio and still images from several different video sources in an easy and affordable way.


To enhance the quality of the images, Visia includes smart algorithms and advanced setup capabilities, mainly available to MediCam users. In addition, Visia features an impressive anti-Moiré system (available only for MediCam Plus camera) designed to completely suppress the pattern of fibers by exploiting an adaptive algorithm that automatically optimizes filtering parameters according to the currently acquired image.


When recording the stroboscopy exams through Visia, you have access to some additional features dedicated to stroboscopy. We implemented an anti-flickering filter, completely removing the typical blinking of the stroboscopy videos. Furthermore, the current F0 and voice intensity levels are displayed on the computer screen and video-recorded.
Post-recording functions such as strobokymography or frame-by-frame analysis are also available for any stroboscopic video acquired.


All the videos recorded using Visia are encoded in real time during the acquisition in MPEG-2 format, the most common and diffuse video standard. You can therefore very easily play them back on any computer with a standard MPEG-2 CODEC installed.