Rigid Scopes

Invisia catalogue includes a complete line of rigid scopes for all ENT specialists’ needs.
Fully designed and manufactured in Germany, the Invisia endoscopes have been deeply tested in every possible situation in conjunction with our systems, in order to always guarantee the best quality achievable.
Besides the otoscopes, sinuscopes and laryngoscopes, do not miss the new Invisia strobo-laryngoscope with flat profile. Its original design is capable of maximizing the amount of light carried and improving the patient comfort during the stroboscopy exams.

Diameter:2.7mm and 4mm
Viewing direction:0° and 30°
Diameter:2.7mm and 4mm
Viewing direction:0°, 30° and 70°
Diameter:4mm, 5.8mm, 8mm or 10mm
Viewing direction:70° and 90°
Diameter:12.4 x 7.2 mm “flat profile”
Viewing direction:70°