HighLight Plus

Laryngeal Stroboscope

HighLight Plus is Invisia’s top-of-the-range stroboscopic light source. Based on LED technology, it provides superb images of the vocal folds and supplies powerful continuous light for every endoscopic use.

Fully-featured device

Slow-motion with 3 speeds, still mode with manual phase adjustment, display of the voice power-spectrum, dual footswitch control, USB communication to the PC, ultra-precise DSP-based algorithm for pitch extraction: these are just some of the features that make HighLight Plus the perfect choice for the most demanding customers.

LED technology

The key feature of HighLight Plus is its super high power LED source that produces a perfect white light with the same intensity as a 180 Watt Xenon lamp (continuous operation) without needing the expensive bulb replacements typical of the latter. Unlike the Xenon lamps, you can use the LED lamp both in continuous and stroboscopic mode: HighLight Plus therefore can replace your light source for general endoscopy.

Complete Video-stroboscopy system

For an uncompromising system, combine HighLight Plus with MediCam Plus camera: the sharp brightness of the HD laryngostroboscopy videos will amaze you, and so will the advanced software tools available, like frame-by-frame analysis, strobokymography and patient voice analysis.

Download Technical Sheet
Light sourcewhite LED, embedded in the device housing
Color temp6,800°K
LED intensity2,000 lumens
LED lifetime20,000 hours
Mode of usecontinuous and stroboscopic light
F0 extractionmanual or automatic
F0 range70 Hz – 1,100 Hz
Slow motion3 speeds
Microphoneclip-on and contact microphones included
Footswitch2 pedals footswitch included
Light cable connStorz compatible, other standards available on request
Outputsaudio and USB
Weight5 Kg / 11 lbs
Dimensions300x110x290 mm / 12x4.3x11.4 in (WxHxD)
StandardsSafety: EN 60601-1EMC: EN 60601-1-2