Patient Record Manager

Daisy is our patient data management software, specially developed to handle the examination data acquired by all Inventis and Invisia devices.
Its ability to manage several different types of ENT and Audiology examinations, combined with great versatility, rapidity and ease of use, make Daisy the ideal solution for private users as well as for clinics and hospitals.


Daisy is a modular system: it is composed by a core software and several dedicated modules, which interface the various devices. In particular, Visia is the Daisy module that interfaces our video equipment.


Daisy provides a complete record card for each patient, showing generic or visit-specific clinical data.
To satisfy different needs, users can configure and add items of clinical data as required.


Patient details, clinical data and instrumental examination results from multiple devices can be combined as needed to generate professional reports quickly and easily.


Daisy provides a user-friendly video editing tool, which makes it easy to cut videos and extract still pictures from them.


Daisy includes software for burning reports on to optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu Ray). Patients can therefore view their exam results, like pictures and videos, and medical prescriptions on their own computers, and keep them for future consultations.


Daisy can work on a single computer, or it can be installed in a network environment. In this way, the medical records and exam results can be easily consulted from any other computer on the local network.